About Us

The Foundation

Runaway Grrrl Foundation is a newly formed, exciting, slightly-irreverent organization dedicated to soliciting donations and engaging in fundraising activities in order to fund scholarships for women seeking higher education.

The Foundation was started to counteract the messages from society that women need to get married and have kids in order to be fulfilled. The seed was planted on many a lunch run where the two founders, co-workers at the same progressive company, would jog and chat about the failure of society to support women being power houses in the professional world.

Women should be running this free world, working together to make change. Not just running to the grocery store, working to change diapers.

Even though it is 2012, it is still tough to find female attorneys as mentors, was the topic of one run. We'd cringe as we'd tell each other the story about another female friend dropping out of college after getting her "Mrs." Degree, or quitting her highly satisfying professional career to stay at home while her husband kept advancing in his career. Another was the lament that dry cleaning business shirts costs three times as much for women than it costs men, simply because the dry cleaning companies can't justify creating a women's mold for the shirts, since they receive so few women's business shirts. We get charged for "blouses" due to the fact that there aren't enough professional ladies out there rocking business attire. Blouses! Why are we still wearing blouses...this is the 21st century in America, people?!

Women should be running this free world, working together to make change. Not just running to the grocery store, working to change diapers. Well, no more! Rather than complain about the state of affairs, we thought what better to do than take action.

What is a Runaway Grrrl?

She is a woman or girl who wants to make a difference in the world, who wants to acquire more education and become both self-sufficient and financially independent, and who wants to assist other women just starting out.

We collaborate with women who break boundaries and want to encourage others to do the same. Perhaps we might offend some traditionalists with our unapologetic, fierce nature, but you know what? We're the ones who should be offended. It's time women got equal pay, equal job opportunities...and equal bills at the dry cleaner!

Not only that, but it's also time women wanted and sought after equal pay and equal job opportunities. It's time to stop reading the fashion magazines picking out wedding dresses and start reading Entrepreneur's World learning how to open a fashion store of our own. And we aren't going to do it by fitting into a man's shirt and doing it the traditional way. We are going to forge a path and make change our way. If it sounds like you might be a Runaway Grrrl too, please contact us to see how you can get involved.

The Co-Founders


Meet Natalie

Natalie Carpenter is an attorney, triathlete, runner, coach, volunteer, event coordinator, and birthday party organizer extraordinaire. Originally from Florida, Natalie moved to New England in 2005 and has been there ever since. Natalie holds degrees in psychology, criminology, and law, and believes that pushing oneself to the limits and trying new challenges gives one the best idea of how far one can go in the world.

Books, sports, volunteering, challenges, busy schedules.
Waiting in line, people who say that their wedding day is the best day of their life.
Favorite Movie
Tough one. Right now I would have to say Sci Fi's version of Dune, but that is subject to change daily.
Hidden Talents
Calligraphy, tossing pizza dough.
Last Meal on Earth
A tie between cheese pizza and Tofu Pad Thai.
Superhero Alter-Ego
SuperMAN. I have so many different activities going on that I feel superhuman when I can get through my day. That's right, I said Superman, not Superwoman. I don't have time for ironing giant underwear to put over my tights.


Meet Andra

If Frank Sinatra was born a woman in 1980 coming out of the womb singing "I Did it My Way," he would have been born Andra. Andra became General Counsel of one of the top software/tech companies in Connecticut in spite of, or possibly due to, her plethora of tattoos, inability to back down from a challenge, and love of going toe-to-toe with the big 'boys'. But that wasn't enough because at the end of the day, you are only as good as what you give back. "If I finish my life and only bettered myself, then I sort of failed because there are way more women out there that need the encouragement to become self-actualized individuals, not just a label: daughter, sister, wife, mother." Education and the support of her parents and friends are what she attributes her success in her professional career and satisfaction in life, and these are the gifts she hopes to bestow on other women and girls through Runaway Grrrl.

Trail running, road running, slow, long runs, fast tempo runs...pretty much all kinds of running, fast-packing, yoga, work, family, down-time.
Anise. Seriously, licorice-flavored anything is just gross. And the fact that they try to make it a candy flavor is just despicable.
Hidden Talents
I can eat so much dessert after a full course meal. There is always room for dessert, especially peanut butter pie made by Mike.
Superhero Alter-Ego
Cheetara from ThunderCats. She was so fast and awesome. When I was a kid, I wanted to BE her.